Student Alumni

Rules and Regulations of Johnian Bees

1. St. John’s Students Alumni Association shall be called as ‘Johnian Bees’.

2. Johnian Bees is the extended family of our School. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to do something good, constructive and value- oriented for the School where we studied and the Society, where we live at present.

3. Any student who studied in the school for minimum two years between Stds. IX and XII can be a member of the Association.

4. The President, Vice- Presidents, Secretary, Joint-Secretary and Treasurer are the Office Bearers, who form the Core Committee of the Association.

5. The tenure of the Office Bearers shall be for three years.

6. Each batch shall have two representatives (a male and a female) as Batch Co-ordinators. The Batch Co-ordinators shall be the contact persons of the batch. Apart from this, two teaching staff of our school shall be there as Batch Incharges, who can guide them.

7. The Core Committee and the Batch Co-ordinators form the General Body of the Association.

8. The Correspondent, The Vice-Principal, The Treasurer and The Staff Co-ordinator shall be invited as Observers for the General Body of the Association.

9. An Alumnus who wishes to be the member of the Association shall pay a membership fee of Rs. 200/- (one time) and register with a duly filled membership form. It shall be submitted to the BatchCo-ordinators.

10. The gathering of the Alumni shall be celebrated as ‘Alumni Day’ every year: January 16th, 2.00 pm.

11. A yearly subscription of Rs. 200/- (minimum) shall be paid on the ‘Alumni Day’.

12. The updates of the Association are available in our School website: under the separate heading – ‘Students Alumni’.

Batch Co-Ordinators

2011 BATCH:

Mr. Divakar A. (Male)

Ms. Jose Sharlin J. (Female)

2012 BATCH:

Mr. Jones Aro Vimal I. (Male)

Ms. Rose Merlin J. (Female)

2013 BATCH:

Mr. Anand Raja R. (Male)

Ms. Rufina Angelo J. (Female)

2014 BATCH:

Mr. Sathikhan Sanjeth H. (Male)

Ms. Ruba Carolin C. (Female)

2015 BATCH:

Mr. Sivanesan M. (Male)

Ms. Shirly Judith G. (Female)

2016 BATCH:

Mr. Manivannan U. (Male)

Ms. Afrin Z. (Female)

2017 BATCH:

Mr. Nithishkumar R. (Male)

Ms. Deebika S. (Female)

2018 BATCH:

Mr. Jude John Antony C. (Male)

Ms. Madhumitha S (Female)

2019 BATCH
For any further details or assistance, contact: Fr. Makizchi Mannan D CMF (9994040623) or Mr. Jerry (9994040623).

Batch Batch Incharge Co-Incharge
2011 Mrs. Amutha V. Mrs. Vasanthi S.
2012 Mrs. Sangeethavani M Mrs. Lakshmi Devi S.
2013 Ms. Jameema J Mrs. Divyalakshmi B
2014 Mrs. Narmatha P. Mr. Theivendran V.
2015 Mrs. Sudha G Mrs. Nathiya B.
2016 Mrs. Gomathi S Mr. Subramanian S
2017 Mrs. Vaijeyanthi D Mrs. Sandanamary S
2018 Mrs. Jeyanthi C Mrs. Divya T. S