Principal Message

Cordial greetings to All.

As the entire humanity is under the threat of pandemic COVID 19, I request all of you to take preventive measures to safe guard you and people around you. We are given lot of medical instruction, recommendation and prescription day by day to fight against the cruel corona virus by the Government of India and World Health Organization. We need to put them into practice with care and concern.

It’s a time to know the strength and weakness of our health. As Doctors suggest, we need to strengthen our immune power to fight against any kinds of virus by consuming healthy food and living in healthy environment. Life is a God given gift and we need to protect it by caring and loving. We are responsible for our life. We shall not blame God and others when we suffer due to ill health. Having this little reflection, I request my JOHNIAN FAMILY to take necessary safety measures to protect you from COVID 19.

I know, you will be waiting to come back to School after long holidays but we are not sure when will we come together. I hope that the cruel corona will vanish away from the World very soon and we will come together to celebrate life. As we take efforts to maintain our health medically fit, we shall also earnestly and unceasingly pray for our brothers and sisters all over the World. There are families who lost their dear and near ones and there are families who are not able to earn their livelihood due to curfew and suffer out of starvation. We shall continue to pray for them and pray for the PEACE in the World.

God Bless!
Fr. D. Makizchi Mannan CMF