School Policy

Rules and regulations for the Students

1. The Students must converse only in English in the School premises.

2. All students must come to School on time. They should be in full, neat and proper uniform.

3. No student is allowed to leave the School campus during the working hours without the permission of the Principal and accompaniment of the parent/guardian.

4. Students should make use of the dust bins without littering the campus.

5. Offering gifts to the members of the staff is strictly forbidden.

6. Students are forbidden to wear Gold/Silver ornaments.

7. Scribbling on walls, desks, benches, library books etc. is strictly forbidden. Any damage caused must be restituted by the student to the satisfaction of the Management.

8. No book, newspaper, periodical or any unnecessary thing can be brought to School without the Principal’s permission.

9. The Principal has the authority to take appropriate action against a student in a manner suited to the offence including expulsion from the institution.

10. Students are strictly forbidden to play in the classrooms or corridors.

11. Students themselves are responsible for the safe custody of their books, tiffin carriers and all other belongings.

12. Students have to maintain silence before, during and after assembly.

13. Students should bring their problems if any, to the concerned Class Teacher immediately.

14. Students must be present for all celebrations.

15. Students should be regular & punctual to all the CCA activities.

Rules and regulations for the Parents

1. Only with the sincere co-operation of parents, true education can take place in the School.

2. Kindly reach your ward to School 15 minutes before the assembly and take the child within 30 minutes after the School hour.

3. Intimate to the School office in writing, if there is any change in address or phone number without delay.

4. Cleanly dressed and punctual child adds to your reputation.

5. A hungry stomach can never study. So feed your children well before sending them to School and take care of your child’s health.

6. Pay the School fees at the stipulated time. Fees once paid will not be refunded.

7. Kindly attend the Parent-Teachers Meet and Open Day without fail.

8. Except Progress Report from your ward after each teat/exam and sign and return the same immediately.

9. Read and sign the diary of your child daily and verify whether home works are completed.

10. Don’t give money or costly things, when your child comes to School.

11. Encourage your child to take part in as many activities as possible.

12. Parents are not allowed to meet their children or communicate with the teachers during school hours. All enquiries must be made through Principal/School Office.

13. You can meet the Principal for any School matter from Monday to Friday. Time: 3.30 to 4.15pm.

14. You can meet the Class Teacher for any School matter in the time allotted and intimated to you.

15. Send a leave application addressed to the Class Teacher when your child takes leave.

Attendance and leave / absence

1. No pupil can take leave without prior permission. If need be, a written request signed by parent/guardian and student should be submitted.

2. All must be present on the re-opening and closing days of the School. Late –comers and absentees will not be admitted to the class without the permission of the Principal.

3. For more than three consecutive days of leave, permission must be granted by the Principal, Medical Certificate must be produced, if leave is taken for ill health reasons.

4. Names will be removed from the register for those who are absent for the School without proper information and sufficient cause for more than 25 days.

Rules of admission & withdrawal

1. Eligible age for admission to LKG is completion of 3 years by July 31 st

2. The same for Standard I is completion 5 years.

3. Students applying for admission should submit the following record:

        ◉ Birth Certificate: Age Proof – as per the Government records. Date of Birth of the student once entered will not be changed.

        ◉ Transfer Certificate (with EMIS Number)

        ◉ Community Certificate

        ◉ Conduct Certificate

        ◉ Aadhar Card

        ◉ Ration Card

4. For withdrawing admission from the School, a handwritten application signed by the parent should be produced in advance along with the remittance of an amount (refer School Office) as directed by the school management. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after remitting the fee dues.