Staff Alumni

Rules and Regulations of Johnian Anandhavizhthugal

1. St. John’s Staff Alumni Association shall be called as ‘Johnian Anandhavizhuthugal’.

2. Johnian Anandhavizhuthugal is the extended family of our School. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to do something good, constructive and value-oriented for the School where we worked and the Society, where we live at present.

3. Any staff who worked in the school for minimum one academic year can be a member of the Association.

4. The President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Co-Secretary, Treasurer, Co- Treasurer, Communicator & Co-communicator are the Office Bearers, who form the Core Committee of the Association. The tenure of the Office Bearers shall be for three years.

5. The Correspondent, The Vice Principal and The Treasurer shall be invited as Observers for the Core Committee of the Association.

6. An Alumnus Staff who wishes to be the member of the Association shall pay a membership fee of Rs. 200/- (one time) and register with a duly filled membership form. It shall be submitted to the office bearers.

7. The gathering of the Alumni shall be celebrated as ‘Alumni Day’ every year: January 26th, 2.00 pm.

8. A yearly subscription of Rs. 300/- (minimum) shall be paid on the ‘Alumni Day’.

9. If the member of the association joins our school as a staff, then they lose the membership automatically.

10. The updates of the Association are available in our School website: under the separate heading – ‘Staff Alumni’.